Welcome to FlexMeasures

A free platform for real-time optimization of flexible energy.

Energy flexibility for all

Energy flexibility is a key factor to crucial CO2 and costs savings.

Data science platforms to unlock it should get into the hands of as many organizations as possible, across the world.

This mission statement is the starting point. It led us to the decision to develop FlexMeasures in the open. Every organization which builds an energy service around flexible assets like batteries or shiftable machinery can see the code, self-host it or subscribe to our cloud-based solution, and join the FlexMeasures community. 


We are in the middle of a crucial energy transition, from fossil to renewables. Three other large trends in this transition are decentralization of energy supply, electrification of energy inputs (e.g. transportation) and digitization, i.e. smart metering.

In addition, real-time energy flexibility optimization is an essential part of our climate mitigation. Our CO2 reduction targets depend on peak avoidance and optimal usage of renewable energy. While data is made available at high speed, the controllability of flexible devices is only now picking up.

Interest in optimization services within the energy community is increasing constantly, as demonstrated by the EU pushing regulation for dynamic pricing, smart grids and energy communities. Also, interoperability standards 6 are maturing. As these regulations and standards land, and more assets are connected and made controllable, profitability will shortly follow suit.

Meanwhile, non-Western parts of the world are not waiting for our results any more. Every continent is turning towards renewables, storage and digitization, as purchasing costs plummet, whether they have strong grids, or favourable regulation, or none of the above.