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You can extend the FlexMeasures EMS with functionality like UI pages, API endpoints,  CLI functions and eventually algorithms. This is actually how energy flexibility apps & services are built on top of FlexMeasures!

Extensibility is key to the open innovation we are going for here.  Read here how one builds a plugin. 

Solving a use case for a client often involves putting custom code for them in a plugin. So at Seita, we've made quite a few which are private.

Here, let's list crucially useful and also open-source plugins which actually exist already ― this list should grow (tell us if there is one you made and want to add here):


OpenWeatherMap is one of the best services to get your weather forecasts these days. And these forecasts might be highly useful for deciding what the optimal schedule for the next few hours is. For instance, to maximise self-consumption of your solar panels.

OpenWeatherMap  Logo

The source code of the plugin is here. It adds two CLI commands, one for registering weather sensors on desired locations, one for calling the API and gathering the forecasts for the upcoming hours.


Market data is crucial for planning ahead. Two examples we use are day-ahead prices (to optimize energy costs) and production forecasts (to estimate the CO2 content on the grid for the upcoming hours).

ENTSO-E logo

ENTSO-E is the association of European TSOs. Their transparency platform publishes different kind of data across European regions. 

The source code of the plugin is here. It currently supports importing day-ahead prices as well as generation. Based on generation, the CO2 content for the upcoming day can be computed.


A plugin for importing data from Z-Info into FlexMeasures. Z-Info is a sensor data service for the Dutch water industry. The source code is here.

Z-Info Logo