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Where is FlexMeasures useful?

Consuming renewable energy is both cheaper than fossil energy and uses less CO2.

By using the FlexMeasures platform, our customers make use of asset flexibility, so that assets are turned on when the energy mix in the grid contains the most renewable energy (e.g. when the sun is shining). Alternatively, FlexMeasures helps to control batteries so that renewable energy can be used at a later time.

Energy service companies

"Energy service companies (ESCOs) deliver energy efficiency projects that are financed based on energy savings", according to the IEA.

The first step is to unlock the meter data and give policy or installation advice.

The second step is to turn to real-time energy management, in order to valorize energy flexibility. This is where FlexMeasures comes in ― forecasts and smart energy-efficient schedules can be offered without hiring a data science engineering team.

Energy flexibility management and role of the energy service company
Energy flexibility management & the role of the energy service company



The 7th Sustainable Development Goal is "Access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all". Microgrids can enable stable access to energy for millions of humans who live outside the reach of electricity grids or whose economic activity is hampered by dirty, expensive and unreliable energy.

The latter situation is where energy flexibility management can help. "Mini-grids should be oriented towards productive uses. They should encourage the development of new businesses and economic activities (...) and thereby increase the economic welfare of a community."

Application of digital technologies in minigrids
Application of digital technologies in minigrids - FlexMeasures is relevant in all system functionalities and balancing tasks (lower half). Source:  Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) Potsdam, 2019