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The roadmap for further development of FlexMeasures is a wishlist for the stakeholders in FlexMeasures.

Are you a stakeholder? Then talk to us to influence these plans.


[Q4 2021] Complete the ongoing data model migration to support all kind of sensors (more than power, weather & prices)

[Q4 2021] Dockerization – allow to start a FlexMeasures-based service to be deployed quickly, for development/demos as we as for production. 

[Q1 2022] Actuator & sensor-dependency models for more customisable plugins

[Q1 2022] Better plotting support (via API/vega-lite) for plugins

[Q2 2022] Scheduler compatible with ShapeShifter (based on USEF flex trading protocol)

[Q2 2022] Support process data model & some analytics tools

[Q3 2022] Better tooling to work well at scale (e.g. support load balancing, db sharding etc)