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This is the roadmap for further development of the FlexMeasures EMS.

The big picture

These are our big goals. Let us know if you want to collaborate!

[2022 - mature] Model & pilot e-mobility optimization (price-based, V2G)

[2023 - started] Model & pilot heating optimization (price-based, also with heat buffers)

[2024] Congestion support (e.g. for DSOs in GOPACS)

[2024] Sector coupling (optimize e-mobility and heating in one site)

[2025] VPP (optimize multiple sites towards one market)


Features to come / in progress

Here we dive into more details. Everything here is a substantial development project.

[Q2 2023 - in progress]  Build out the flexibility modelling, by supporting TNO's energy flexibility asset interface (S2) and later Fraunhofers Energy Flexibility Data Model (EDFM)

[Q1 2024 - in progress] Multi-device scheduling

[Q1 2023] (Even) better documentation & tutorials.

[Q2 2024] More powerful forecasting.

[Q2 2024] Let users provide annotations on time series (e.g. for feedback) by API and UI.

[tbd] let some accounts (e.g. meter data companies) add data to other accounts.

[tbd] Smarter monitoring.

[tbd] Scheduler compatible with ShapeShifter (based on USEF flex trading protocol), to be able to provide congestion support to network companies.

[tbd] Better plotting support (via API/vega-lite), for plugins to define their own plots which are then made available in the FlexMeasures API (usable in custom frontends).


Historic achievements

[Q4 2023] Authorization model for allowing "super-accounts" to manage other accounts (e.g. for ESCos)

[Q3 2023] Scheduling algorithm for heat buffering

[Q2 2023] Dedicated algorithm for scheduling shiftable processes

[Q2 2023] KPIs support (e.g. reporting of daily totals), customizable

[Q4 2022] Custom scheduling algorithms.

[Q4 2022] Better data views for sensor and assets. 

[Q2 2022] Dockerization – allow to start a FlexMeasures node quickly without local installation (and deploy in cloud environments).

[Q1 2022] Improve developer experience (CLI commands, out-of-the-box tutorial

[Q1 2022] Data model migration to support all kind of sensors (more than power, weather & prices), as well as units.

[Q3 2021] Support for multi-tenancy.

[Q2 2022] Allow for annotations on time series, e.g. to model processes and operator feedback.

[Q2 2021] Allow developers to write custom logic and styles in plugins.

[Q2 2021] Public release.