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Why is the code of FlexMeasures open for everyone?

According to our mission, every organization in the world should be able to achieve the positive effects of energy flexibility management. Even if they cannot pay for an internal data science team or buy an energy management startup.

This can happen when everyone can find the code and try it out. The code of FlexMeasures is here, take a look. Open source also creates transparency and trust, which we believe will help us create as many partnerships as possible.


We also know that energy service companies are reluctant to let third parties own the algorithms which generate a strategic customer-facing feature (energy flexibility advice). With FlexMeasures, you can self-host or subscribe at ― in any case, you will retain your autonomy.


If you choose to become a paying customer, you pay only for what you use. The hosting of our data science platform, or for our custom advice or algorithm development.

The real benefits of open source kick in when the community around FlexMeasures grows. When developers contribute to its code base, or when other companies pay for a feature they need urgently ― most of these improvements will benefit everyone.