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v0.10: Docker & styling

Docker logo

Version v0.10 of FlexMeasures (see changelog) adds the ability to run Flexmeasures inside a Docker container. Containerization is a big step towards easier installation and scaling in the cloud!

We also gave the backoffice a nice styling update.


Docker is great for developer productivity and for running APIs in modern scalable clouds environments. We created a Docker image for FlexMeasures, so from now on, it's possible to run FlexMeasures in a Docker container.

The great advantage is that running FM can happen on every computer or cloud server within minutes. We also offer a docker compose file. Check out the documentation (docker, docker compose). We also updated our main entry-level tutorial with getting started using Docker.

A nice part of the work that was done in the docker-compose part is that the FlexMeasures API now has a health endpoint, which tells us if FlexMeasures is ready to work on requests. Next to containerization, this is the type of preparation one needs to run a software inside Kubernetes :)

This work was done in Pull Requests 416.

New Style

With the FlexMeasures EMS, we believe in the API as a first-level citizen. But FM also shows you your assets and data out of the box, and the web design was in need of some love.

We improved layout, font and general design. Check out the before and after impression :

We now define colors via CSS variables, which makes it easier to restyle the FM back-office to match other corporate branding (important for offering FM in a white label context).

This work was done in Pull Request 425.