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v0.22: Editing flex context

Editing pricing signals and inflexible devices to use
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Version v0.22 of FlexMeasures adds many smaller improvements - the most interesting being that price sensors (part of the flex-context) can now be edited in the UI.

For anything else, see the changelog for a complete list (link will work on May 16, day of release).

Let's dive in!

Editing flex-context

Within FlexMeasures, the flex-context is crucial: it tells us site-relevant parameters such as pricing and grid capacity limits.

As of now, both the flex-model and the flex-context need to be supplied when triggering the computation of a new schedule. The future needs to be that such configuration can be made by everyone, not just developers. Maybe installers change the soc-min setting for the battery. Or there is a letter from the DSO that the site-production-capacityfor the site can now go up to 50kW. Several non-developer roles should be able to make these changes.

Here, we made the first step towards this. The screenshot shows how you can select which sensors contain the pricing data that will be relevant, plus which devices the scheduler needs to take into account.

This work happened in Pull Requests 1059.

Boostrap 3 -> 5

Bootstrap is our styling and layout library. When we started working on FlexMeasures a few years ago, version 3 was the latest. Now, it has version 5, which looks a little more slick but also has some newer features. It was time to make this move. Which sounds boring, but this is where we believe we can show actual dedication to long-time support. 

See Pull Request 1058, plus some follow-up PRs for fixes.

Asset audit log

In version 0.21 we introduced audit logs for users and accounts, so servicing them gets more support (e.g. to track when somebody reset a password). We also added audit log support to assets. This will for instance track when changes were made to an asset.

This can be handy for instance in combination with flex-context changes like discussed above.

See Pull Request 1072.

Three new contributors

This release has a record number of first-time contributors :)