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Data-driven energy timing

FlexMeasures is an intelligent & developer-friendly EMS for real-time energy flexibility. Open source.

Why a smart EMS for energy flexibility?

Energy flexibility is one of the crucial building blocks to achieving zero CO₂ in 2050. We need to continuously find the optimal time to run our flexible assets (like batteries or heat pumps). However, programming talent is scarce. Let's not re-invent this wheel hundreds of times!

Our vision: Real-time AI-based optimization for the energy transition is fully unlocked for all organizations in the world.

In early 2021, these excerpts from the mission statement of Seita Energy Flexibility formed the starting point to a major decision ― to develop FlexMeasures in the open.

FlexMeasures is an intelligent EMS to optimize behind-the-meter energy flexibility.
Build your smart energy apps & services with FlexMeasures as backend for real-time orchestration! 

Every organisation which builds an energy service around flexible assets like batteries, heat pumps or shiftable machinery can see the code, self-host it or subscribe to our cloud-based solution. Learn how to get started today!

FlexMeasures is now an incubation project at the Linux Energy Foundation.

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